Skincare Treatments

Whether you require advice regarding sun protection, anti-ageing or a particular skin condition you can find out more information about skincare by booking a free skin consultation with our experienced nurse prescriber. It is possible to treat a variety of skin conditions using skincare only. To find out more book in for skin analysis/assessment and advice regarding appropriate treatment/management.

We understand that choosing skincare can be difficult. Claims from big brands and intentionally misleading advertising make these choices more confusing.

We aim to change this by offering free consultations/assessment and products from many different ranges as well as our own bespoke range which combines effectiveness and affordability.

You won’t find a sales approach or any obligation to buy a single product. Just an accessible source of skincare advice with honesty and integrity at its heart.

  • Before-Skincare - before and after 01
    After-Skincare - before and after 01
    Before Skincare - before and after 01 After 2 Weeks
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    After-Skincare - before and after 02
    Before Skincare - before and after 02 After 1 Week
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    After-Skincare- before and after 03
    Before Skincare- before and after 03 After 4 Weeks

The Mid Yorkshire Skin Clinic Products

Our bespoke range, tried and tested by ourselves, is a collection of the most commonly used products. These contain appropriate active ingredients but with any unnecessary ingredients removed. Compared to big brand products, our range often has a third to half fewer ingredients as these are at least pointless but at worst potentially irritating to the skin.

We often combine our own more cost-effective products with other ranges where those products contain the ingredients required by a patient.

We give our patients written advice regarding how and when to use the products and we offer follow up appointments to make sure progress is being made and to adjust regimes as the skin demands.

What happens during a consultation?

This is essentially just you telling us how your skin behaves and giving us a brief medical history with a rundown of your current skin care regime.

We’ll look at your skin without any fancy looking skin analysers or special testing equipment. Just a look and feel of the skin with a good history is the best way to assess and advise on the best course of action. Keeping the process simple and clear is always a good start to getting improved skin.

Being independent prescribers, we can advise on skincare from cosmetic to cosmeceutical to prescription only products, depending on individual needs.

If we believe a prescription is the best option for you we may recommend the Obagi Medical Skincare range. Once we make a prescribing decision we will order your products from our reputable pharmacy to collect the following day. We recommend regular complimentary face to face reviews to titrate your prescription.

What advice will you be given?

We will explain the cause(s) of your skin concerns and the best way to move toward a solution. Where skincare is concerned, we will discuss the ingredients and how they are designed to treat a particular skin problem. We will discuss the product(s) suitable for you and where possible fit them into your current regime but in some cases, you may need to consider a whole change in regime.

We will advise on the fewest products and the simplest regime possible to help treat your skin concern. Simplicity and a stripped back regime are often the best move toward better skin. We often find removing harsh or very active products from a regime helps more than adding products in.

Its also important to remember that expensive products are often no better than products costing half the price. The molecules of the ingredients chosen are exactly the same in either product, you’ll often just be paying for a sparkly bottle and misleading claims. The products we may advise will be chosen for specific ingredients to treat a specific problem.

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