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We’d love to give you a super inspirational story about how we found ourselves running a successful clinic but the truth is our story is just one of hard work and determination.

We started out trying to find a better work-life balance by reducing hours in the NHS while exploring our interests in aesthetics, but if anything we found ourselves suddenly becoming busier than ever. Apparently our no nonsense and frank approach has been, and continues to be, quite popular.

Much of what we do is pulled from our previous experiences in nursing, thorough consultations and history taking, using validated evidence to help guide our decision making and crucially understanding the human body.

We want to get to know our patients. We want to work well together, making sure our expectations match and we can form a treatment plan together. The best treatment journeys are those where both patient and clinician see the results they had hoped to see.

An open and honest approach from both clinician and patient is the basis for a good working relationship which allows great communication, treatment progression and success. This is what drives us, and allows us as a team to enjoy the work we do each day.

Our Clinicians

We are all used to working in a high paced, stressful and dynamic environment, we started out as staff nurses working in busy Accident and Emergency departments and eventually became nurse practitioners specialising in minor illness and injury management. Being senior clinicians in this area provided a broad and diverse understanding of anatomy and healing and the ability to switch between conservative and more complex treatments easily and seamlessly. Assessing, diagnosing and treating injuries such as fractures and soft tissue injuries and exploring and repairing wounds gave us significant knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, particularly facial anatomy. Our previous roles also required us to manage skin problems and prescribe for certain skin conditions.

We have all chosen to specialise in aesthetic medicine and love it! What we love most is the ability to make people feel more confident, boost their self-esteem and we all agree that it is an exceptionally rewarding job.

Joanne and Dan work in the clinic full time to ensure that they have considerable experience to offer patients. We feel it is important to have clinicians whose focus is the clinic and its day to day management rather than having divided attention.

Our clinicians are members of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, which is the largest professional Association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK. It operates under a strict Code of Conduct in order to ensure patient safety across all treatments undertaken by its members.

They continually enhance standards by mapping against the Nursing and Midwifery Council and British Association of Cosmetic Nurses competency frameworks.

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We believe:

  • We believe that ‘less is always more’ when it comes to skin rejuvenation. A natural and youthful appearance can be maintained or restored whilst avoiding over-enhancement.
  • We believe that discreet and subtle work enhances a person’s satisfaction with their self-image and increases confidence.
  • We believe that good work takes time, involves multiple treatment modalities and a simple yet rigorous treatment plan.
  • We believe in providing holistic care taking into consideration biopsychosocial health and patients best interests.
  • We believe that our nurses should have an appreciation of art, beauty and good taste, being successful in this field requires an aesthetic eye.
  • We believe in putting patient safety first and providing our treatments in a safe, clean and clinical environment with robust infection control and health and safety policies.
  • We believe in maintaining safety and effectiveness through high quality regular training and continuing professional development.
  • We believe in practicing in line with best available evidence, research and scientific principles. In clinic treatments, products and technology must be clinically effective.
  • We believe in honesty and frank approach, this is not only ethical and professional but vital when obtaining informed consent.
  • We believe in treating your information confidentially and maintaining privacy and dignity.
  • We believe in providing free consultations and reviews to ensure that clinical interventions are progressing as they should.
  • We believe that our professional duty to our patients extends beyond clinical hours for any urgent matters or reassurance.
  • We believe that we have a professional commitment to work within ones competence and to refer on if the appropriate treatment is out of our scope of practice.
  • We believe that all this can still be achieved in a friendly, comfortable and fun environment.

Our Highly Trained & Friendly Staff



Skin has always been one of Jo’s fascinations as she had her own skin issues for most of her life.

All of the nursing jobs she has had have led her to where she is now, exactly where she needs to be.

Jo began her medical aesthetics journey slowly, building piece by piece in order to develop the right skills fully, before moving to the next level of training. Jo is now trained to advanced level  having completed extensive training with award winning training companies and continues to keep her knowledge and skills up to date by attending regular training , workshops and conferences (in the UK and Europe). She likes to ensure that the clinic continues to offer the most innovative and superior treatments.

Professionalism and integrity are key to how Jo has developed and remains key to how the clinic operates as a whole. Her drive to maintain clinically high standards has been the foundation for the success.

Her favourite treatments include using soft tissue fillers to treat the face as a whole and provide support to other features and those that balance the profile, including nose, lip and chin augmentations. These treatment results can be so natural looking and are usually undetectable to the untrained eye.

Most of Jo’s spare time is dedicated to family. Her Husband and 2 boys. She believes that mindfulness is the key to being happy at home and at work and likes to practice some meditation, yoga, high intensity exercise, listening to music, audiobooks and…..drinking red wine in abundance J



Dan was drawn into the world of medical aesthetics by a very enthusiastic Jo. He seemed naturally drawn towards treating skin and vascular issues with the machine based treatments, in particular laser and IPL which he continues to develop and adapt especially for our clinic.

A clinical background means Dan relies heavily on evidence and an experienced knowledge base to guide decisions and treatment pathways. Safety and quality remain Dan’s priorities in his day to day clinics.

He is passionate about treating skin conditions such as acne and savours those moments where he sees a patient walk into clinic confidently after a successful treatment plan without wearing their hair over their face or a hat as they do in initial consultations. He also enjoys watching the thread veins disappear in his microsclerotherapy sessions knowing that his patient will feel more comfortable exposing their legs on their next summer holiday.

Dan spends most of his time out of work with his Wife and 2 boys. He has the worst short term memory but somehow can remember an entire book on lasers and light therapy. He also has a barely socially acceptable love of red wine, football and Sci-Fi films… each to their own.



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Clinic Coordinator

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