Price List

Botulinum Toxin InjectionsPrice
All advanced areas can be treated
Viscoderm HydroboosterPrice
Skin booster treatment per session£250
Face, neck, decollete, hands, upper arms, abdomen, knees£220 per treatment
Excessive sweating (underarm)£325
HIFU / Doublo GoldPrice
Brow Lift£200
Forehead,eyes, brow lift£350
Lower face and submental region£450
Full face£675
Neck and submental region£350
Mid/lower face/submental/neck£650
Full face and neck£795
Arms or knees£350
Chemical Peels (Glycolic & targeted peels)Price
Single Peel£70
Course of 4 Peels£280
Course of 6 Peels£420

Usually fortnightly treatment with full size skincare provided for pre and post peel care

Plasma ShowerPrice
Plasma shower without product for acne/acne rosacea£55
Plasma shower with hyaluronic acid serum for skin health/tightening£75
Non Surgical Blepharoplasty/Plasma BT soft surgeryPrice
Per session (One area)£200
Two or more areas (consult)£300

Upper and lower eyelids, crows feet, perioral lines, frown lines can be treated. 1-2 areas are normally treated per session.

Lesion removal (per session)
Moles, skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, veruccae, warts, xanthelasma, milia
£50-100 (depending on type and number of lesions)
Stretchmarks and scars (per session)£75-100 (consultation required)
Microneedling with Flawless PenPrice
Individual treatment£85
Course of 2£140
Course of 3£240
Fat dissolving injections/IntralipotherapyPrice
Deso Face (Per treatment, possible 2-3 treatments)£250
Deso Body (Possibly 2-4 treatments)£250
Facial laser and IPL servicesPrice
IPL face for acne/rosacea/thread veins£50
Laser pigmentation removalFrom £50
Laser skin resurfacingFrom £50
Dermal FillerPrice
Cheeks, temples, tear trough, nasolabial fold, marionettes, jawline, chin, neckFrom £200

Subsequent syringes used in same appointment can be discounted

MY LiftPrice
The price of this treatment depends on the amount of product required; this is normally discussed during consultation following a face to face assessmentFrom £200

Subsequent syringes used in same appointment can be discounted

Lip EnhancementPrice
Lip enhancement treatment£150-200
Nose EnhancementPrice
Non surgical nose enhancement£320
Jawline treatment£350
Facial vein treatments (per session)£50
Microsclerotherapy (per session - includes stockings)£290

Number of sessions can vary from a single to multiple sessions depending on the severity of the problem

Profacial Deluxe£75
Prices available in clinic following consultation.
Packages differ based on skin and medical assessment and prescription required
Laser Tattoo RemovalPrice
Small (4-8cm)£50
Medium (hand size)£100
Large (lower leg size)£250
Extra Large (chest size)£450

Price list is per session. Tattoo removal can take 4-8 sessions and hair removal 3-6 sessions.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair RemovalPrice
Upper lip or chin£25
Upper lip and chin£30
Face and neck£40
Under arm£40
Lower legs / arms£50
Full legs, arms, back or torso£100

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