Botulinum Toxin InjectionsPrice
Single muscle group£150
Two muscle groups£190
Three plus muscle groups£220

£220 is the highest charge

For full face rejuvenation your nurse can physically examine and advise which muscle groups may benefit from treatment – this could include corrugators (frown), frontalis (forehead), orbicularis oculi (crows feet), nasalis (bunny lines), lip elevator muscles (gummy smile), orbicularis oris (perioral lines around lips), depressor anguli oris (corners of mouth), mentalis (chin).

Botulinum Toxin Injections Specialist AreasPrice
Bruxism - masseter reduction£190
Platysma - neck - ’Nefertiti lift’£190
Excessive sweating (underarm)£325
Dermal FillerPrice
Tear trough£295
Cheek Enhancement - subtle£225
Cheek Revolumise£425
Midface Revolumise£295
Nasolabial fold£295
Marionette lines£225
Jawline Enhancement - subtle£225
Jawline Revolumise/jowls£425
Chin Revolumise/Enhancement£225
Chin projection/augmentation£425
Neck Revolumise£200
Neck Revolumise Plus£350
MY Full Face RejuvenationPrice
The price of this treatment is based on consultation, patient expectations and physical assessment findingsFrom £425
Lip treatmentPrice
Lip enhancement initial appointment£200
Lip enhancement maintenance£150
Nose Enhancement - dermal fillerPrice
Non surgical rhinoplasty£320
Face, neck, decollete, hands, upper arms, abdomen, knees£220 per treatment
Viscoderm HydroboosterPrice
Skin booster treatment per session£250
Fat dissolving injections/IntralipotherapyPrice
Deso Face (Per treatment, possible 2-3 treatments)£200
Deso Body (Possibly 2-4 treatments)£250
Dermablend plus£195
Facial vein treatments (per session)£50
Microsclerotherapy (per session - includes stockings)£290
Lesion removal (per session)
Moles, skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, veruccae, warts, xanthelasma, milia
£50-100 (depending on type and number of lesions)
Stretchmarks and scars (per session)£75-100 (consultation required)
Non Surgical Blepharoplasty/Plasma BT soft surgeryPrice
Per session (One area)£200
Two or more areas (consult)£300

Number of sessions can vary from a single to multiple sessions depending on the severity of the problem. Upper eyelids, lower eyelids, lateral canthal lines/crows feet, occasionally perioral lines/around the mouth can be treated.

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Facial laser and IPL servicesPrice
IPL face for acne/rosacea/thread veins£50
Laser pigmentation removalFrom £75
Laser skin resurfacingFrom £75
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair RemovalPrice
Upper lip or chin£25
Upper lip and chin£30
Face and neck£40
Under arm£40
Lower legs / arms£50
Full legs, arms, back or torso£100
HIFU / Doublo GoldPrice
Brow Lift£200
Forehead,eyes, brow lift£350
Lower face and submental region£450
Full face£675
Neck and submental region£350
Mid/lower face/submental/neck£650
Full face and neck£795
Arms or knees£350
Profacial Deluxe£75
Chemical PeelsPrice
Rejuvenating, brightening, clarifying peel£70
Retinol Peel£95
Microneedling PenPrice
Individual treatment£95
Course of 2£180
Course of 3£260

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