Facial Vein Treatments

Facial vein treatments

What are thread veins?

Thread veins or facial telangiectasia are sometimes known as broken capillaries, red or spider veins. Although they are harmless and it is not necessary to remove, they can make people feel self-conscious and as we age they can become more noticeable. They are removed for cosmetic reasons.

What product/method is used?

This depends on several factors such as the appearance of the skin, potential causes, and an individual’s medical history. However, generally for fine vessels on the face, short wave diathermy (advanced electrolysis) is used and for larger vessels, laser tends to be more effective. These methods may also be used in combination for some cases.

How does the treatment work?

In short wave diathermy treatments, electrical current is passed through a very fine probe and into the vessel. This cauterises and destroys the vessel with minimal discomfort and very little effect to the surrounding tissues.

For Laser treatments, the light from the device is fired at and subsequently heats up the target vessel to a point where the vessel is damaged. As with diathermy, the surrounding tissues are relatively unaffected. The body can then break the vessel down via natural healing processes.

How popular is this treatment?

Treatment is usually quick and efficient and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both men and women.

What areas can be treated?

These methods are recommended for facial veins predominantly but in some cases leg vessels may also respond to both treatment types.

Diathermy and laser can also be used to remove a wide range of skin blemishes, blood spots and milia.

What happens during my consultation?

During your consultation a detailed medical history will be taken, helping the medical specialist to determine which treatment is safe for you to receive and whether it will help you achieve the results that you are looking for. This will also reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects. During this consultation the potential risks and aftercare recommendations are discussed, helping you determine whether this treatment is really right for you. You may also require this face to face assessment to determine if one or more sessions will be required in order to achieve your desired results. For laser treatments a test patch is required prior to treatment. This is performed as part of your free consultation.

What happens during my treatment appointment?

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Local anaesthetic topical cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment. The skin is cleaned with an appropriate solution.

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Diathermy treatments

Using a fine needle like probe against or just through the superficial skin, we pass an electrical current through the vessel, this cauterises and destroys the vessel with minimal discomfort and very little effect to the surrounding tissues

A calming solution will be applied post procedure


Laser treatments

Eye protection is provided to wear.

The laser is fired at the target vessel with a brief sensation of heat often reported. Usually a very brief and comfortable process.

What’s the aftercare advice?

You will be given verbal and written advice. You will be able to see some results immediately, the skin may also be red and slightly swollen. Best results are seen between 2-3 weeks, a review appointment will be made for this time. The time taken to treat these veins will depend on the nature of the problem. Some veins will disappear after one treatment, some may require another treatment. Your experienced practitioner will be able to advise you.

You will be advised not to touch the treated areas and avoid makeup on the day of treatment.

Aftercare is minimal but it is crucial to protect the skin from UV exposure soon after treatment.

How long do the results last?

The results are permanent for those particular veins; however, new veins can naturally appear at any time.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

Very few people would be unsuitable for this treatment and this is usually determined during a detailed consultation.

Facial vein treatment

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