Treatments for Men

Treatments for Men

At the Mid Yorkshire Skin Clinic we understand that men want to look and feel their best just the same as women. We have a number of male patients who come to us for anti-ageing treatments and skincare.

Cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular for men and they are flocking to skin clinics for consultations. Some men may not know exactly what they want, they may just know that they don’t want to look tired or sad etc. We offer free consultations to discuss your concerns and we will recommend treatments for these areas. There is absolutely no obligation to book treatment.

Men can often be afraid that they will look like they’ve had work done. At Mid Yorkshire Skin Clinic we like to ensure that you maintain a natural look, we can subtly smooth lines, create lift and restore a youthful appearance and nobody needs to know, you will still look like you. When treating men we will take into account masculinity and your features to ensure that we achieve the look you want.

Popular Treatments

All treatments in our clinic can be performed on men as well as women. The most popular treatments for men are: –

  • Wrinkle smoothing injections – usually for frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet
  • Chemical peels – for fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone/pigmentation problems, acne
  • Skincare – to maintain good skin health, treat certain skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation
  • Dermal fillers – to replace volume loss in the face, fill lines/grooves/folds, create more masculine contours to the jawline/chin
  • Plasma BT treatment – this is very popular for men for upper and lower eyelid non-surgical blepharoplasty and to brighten the tear trough region under the eye

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