Lockdown Negativity – Dan – 28/4/20

Lockdown Negativity – Dan – 28/4/20

Anyone who knows me will testify to my fondness of a good rant about, well…. Anything.  I just like to get these thoughts off my chest so I can slip back into the façade of being a decent human being (debatable, I know).  Lately though I feel like I’m about to explode with the negativity and sheer frustration of other people’s behaviour.  I’m trying to be a little more positive to balance this out and trying to understand rather than immediately criticise.  I’m struggling to be completely honest, I don’t know if its ignorance or pig-headedness that riles me the most.

So, I will freely admit that I have bent the lockdown rules on more than one occasion. While I believe I can justify each breach, the fact remains that the rules are there to protect us all and anyone could say they can justify why they break the rules, right? But here’s the thing, surely it’s about risk versus benefit? My personal example would be hugging a relative following bereavement. This might still be controversial to some.

However (here comes the rant with positive undertone), both locally and on my essential travels to London I have witnessed levels of twatishness never seen before, award winning stupidity that makes me laugh out loud, as much as it makes me want to weep for our species. But I thought, Dan, take a moment and try to understand these people and their decision making. A lovely balanced and considered approach is required here, drawing on my previous studies of psychology and sociology (Okay so I didn’t finish the degree, that’s not the point here).

I’ve seen people using mobile phone screens with gloved hands. I’ve seen people remove gloves with their teeth. I’ve watched tube carriages fill up with masked commuters with barely a seat free, and there isn’t one of those masks protecting anyone in that environment, trust me on this. I watched building continue on a local Starbucks, essential work obviously, can’t be losing money on which no tax will be paid can we (Picture eyes forcefully rolling to the back of my head). Last but not least, I’ve seen a group of mid 20’s lads in a newly formed cycling club, congregate outside a shop. Their main aim, other than be as close as humanly possible without slight penetration, seemed to be to fire alpha male bravado at each other while devouring breakaways and substandard energy drinks. I am utterly amazed that people are managing to stay positive.

I can only say this. Overall its working, we seem to be getting through it. The majority are balancing the risks and benefits for the greater good. We’ve been a team and hopefully it will continue and we will triumph. I’d love to see this be the new norm, people considering others and trying to support one another. I hope we continue to support local shops and buy British where we can, but most of all; I hope we remember those that helped us through this.

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